Examinations may be held during weekdays or weekends.Generally examinations are held once in two months for English Medium Students and examination for Sinhala Medium Students is held upon completion of due lectures of respective series.This calendar will be forwarded to the Colombo Stock Brokers Association (CSBA) and circulated to all Chief Executive Officers of Stock Broking Companies as well. Dates of the examinations may change with prior notice. Examination registration procedure is stated below:

  • Students are advised to collect the application form, admission form and the examination instructions from CMET .
  • The application form MUST be submitted seven (7) working days prior to the examination or before the stipulated cut-off date. Duly completed admission form should be brought to the examination hall.
  • Every student should read the examination instructions and act accordingly prior to arriving for the examination.
  • Examination Fee: Rs.1000/- per Series

Last Modified: February 28, 2017