The Certificate in Capital Markets Programme (CCM) which commenced in May 2008 paves the way to become a professionally qualified Registered Investment Adviser (RIA). CCM is the only per-requisite to obtain the RIA “license” accepted by the industry. The Certification course consists of three Series i.e. Equity Securities Series, Debt Securities Series and Securities Regulations and Ethics Series.

CCM takes into account the incessant changes the Sri Lankan Capital Market has been facing in the recent years and aims to ensure that professionals practicing in the industry possess the competencies essential to secure the confidence of investors in the capital market. Therefore, this Certification course assists to develop a pool of candidates who are trained in fundamentals of capital markets. Obtaining this qualification will pave the way for recruitment in the areas of Banking, Stock brokering, Money brokering, Fund management, Investment banking, Corporate financing, Venture capital, Insurance, Leasing & Finance, Accounting, Valuation, Financial consulting etc.

Last Modified: May 8, 2012