Guidelines for Training Record

The SEC is committed to a systematic approach to nurture, develop and produce a pool of candidates who are trained in fundamentals of securities and finance markets through the introduction of a minimum level of proficiency. Based on the premise the SEC formulated a Training Record Book to be completed by all candidates passing out as “Registered Investment Advisors (RIA)”.
Completing this Training Record Book is ONLY relevant to candidates who have successfully completed the Certificate in Capital Markets (CCM) i.e. passing all three series, namely the Equity Securities Series, Debt Securities Series and Financial Regulations & Ethics Series and are currently employed with a Stock Broking Company/Unit Trust Company Licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka established under Act of Parliament No 36 of 1987 as amended.
The purpose of this exercise is to identify if the candidate has obtained six months of “Relevant on the Job Experience” specified by the SEC prior to awarding the “RIA” license. In order to fulfill this final criteria the candidate should possess NOT LESS THAN 800 hours of “on the job training” in relation to subject areas followed at the CCM Programme.
The Training Schedule has been formulated in response to the needs of both Industry and Regulator’s

1) When filling the sections related to “Candidates Level of Involvement” – words such as “Assisting” or “Performing” could be used to fill this section
2) When filling the sections related to “Category” – words such as “Good” or ” Average” or “Poor” could be used to fill this section
3) When filling the columns related to “Time Period spent ‘on the job’ (if relevant)” – this is the number of hours spent training on the relevant area or gaining knowledge i.e. reading relevant printed text, through the internet, attending regular meetings/seminars/brain storming discussions. The number of hours should be specifically stated in the blank space.

Last Modified: July 10, 2012