Q: What are the areas generally covered in this programme?

A: Contemporary regional and global issues or Regulatory issues.

Q: Who should attend this Programme?
A: Directors of listed companies and senior officials.

.Q: How often you conduct these Programmes?

A: Generally we conduct two- three Programmes for a given calendar year.

Q: How can I get registered for a Programme?

A: There are two ways of registering. You can register through your company or as an Individual. You are required to submit the application form along with the original payment receipt before the deadline. Applications are accepted on first come, first serve basis.

Q: What is the fee and how can I make the payment?

A: Registration fee is Rs 3,500/- Including VAT (VAT Registration No:4090399367000).However this will be revised periodically.

Cheques and cash should be deposited to the BOC A/C No. 9919753 and forward the original receipt along with the application form. All Cheques should be drawn in favor of the “Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka” crossed “A/C Payee only”.

Last Modified: July 18, 2012